To create options for New Canaan youth residents to play soccer at their level of ability and to help them further develop their soccer abilities.

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Welcome New Canaan FC Families:

Uniform and Equipment

Each player should be sure to come prepared for practices and games with an New Canaan F.C. pinnie (see below), black soccer shorts, white t-shirt (if needed), cleats, shin guards (worn inside the socks), soccer ball size 3 (very important) and a water bottle.  If you need to purchase a pinnie, they will be on sale for $15 on the first Saturday game day of the season.

Junior Rams Guiding Principles

A few items for the parents to please keep in mind during the season regarding the guiding principles of the Jr. Rams program.

  1. Game scores and results are not kept – our focus is on fun (no high school or college coach cares how many games a player won or goals a player scored in 2nd grade).
  2. Again . . . the focus is on fun. The goal of the program is for the kids to enjoy and want to continue playing soccer. 
  3. Always positive messages to the kids. 
  4. We encourage the players to try new moves, footwork or tactics that they learn in practice each week – recognize and celebrate the effort whether successful or not – even if it results in a goal for the other team. 
  5.  We want to encourage the development for all players, finding ways to challenge and encourage all players regardless of level. 
  6. How do we achieve that?
    • Keep the games close – we ask the coaches to mix up teams to keep the scores close when necessary (sharing players between the teams makes it more fun for all players and gives the better players more of a challenge).
    • Alternatives to rebalancing stronger vs weaker teams by mixing players is for the coach or the referee to discretely encourage the stronger team to make 5 successful passes before being able to score a goal or discretely asking the strong player to instead focus on how many assists she can get (rather than goals).
    • Also, if a team is short or has no subs, we ask the coaches to balance out the teams including offering to mix the players to balance out the teams. 
  7. We are looking for a pick-up game atmosphere each Saturday while fostering competitive games that are fun. 
  8. In addition to goals, we are equally focused on passing and ball control. 
  9. In practice the UK Elite coaches focus on the kids keeping triangle or diamond shapes on the field, we try to reinforce that in the games - Have you watched Spain play in recent years!?

Thank you for your support of our soccer program. While the New Canaan FC uses professional coaches to train our kids during the week, the support of our parents for both the kids and the New Canaan FC will ultimately determine how successful the New Canaan FC will be in serving the town. So, thank you again.

Junior Rams Director