To create options for New Canaan youth residents to play soccer at their level of ability and to help them further develop their soccer abilities.

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Here is how we check the status of our field conditions whenever weather is an issue:

1) check our website's homepage and look on the upper right hand corner to see the status of our fields.  Our goal is to update this site as required before 3:30 PM (M-F) but we must wait to hear from the Town before we can make any changes.  We will update the website in a timely manner on weekends in advance of any travel games, Academy sessions, Jr Rams, and Petite sessions.   

2)  Call our Town's Fields' Hotline at 203-594-3610

3)  If there is ever a conflict between our website and the Town's Hotline, the Town's Hotline will take priority. 

4)  An email blast from New Canaan FC stating whether or not practices/games will be held on a particular day will override both our website's homepage and the Town's Hotline. 


At the start of each soccer season, we are reminded that the weather can often cause havoc with our ability to play on the fields.  The CT Junior Soccer Association policy on lightning is that games in any town are to be adjourned until 30 minutes after the last lightning strike. 

To assist us in New Canaan, the NC Parks & Recreation Commission installed a Strike Guard Lightning Detection and Warning System in July of 2012 at several of locations where the New Canaan FC plays games & practices each week: Waveny Park, Saxe School, New Canaan High School and several other schools/parks in town.   We thought it was important to remind everyone of the policy and procedures of the system.

How the system works:

If lightning is nearby (system will detect lightning up to 20 miles away, but will only activate the sirens and strobes when there is actual lightning within 5 miles), then:

  1. The Horn sounds multiple blasts AND the strobe light flashes
  2. The Strobe light will flash for 30 minutes after the last detected thunder/lightning

Once the 30 minutes has passed since the last strike:

 3.  The Horn will sound multiple blasts AND the strobe light will stop flashing.  Then when the strobe light stops flashing, the fields may reopen.

If you are on one of the New Canaan fields and the horn sounds, then everyone (players/teams/coaches/spectators/officials) should seek shelter immediately.  If there is obviously inclement or dangerous weather and the horn does not sound, please use common sense, take shelter and remain off the fields until 30 minutes has passed since the last lightning strike.

If you are unsure if the fields are open, you can check our website ( or you can always receive the most up-to-date information by calling the New Canaan Fields Hotline @ 203-594-3610.