To create options for New Canaan youth residents to play soccer at their level of ability and to help them further develop their soccer abilities.

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New Canaan FC Injured Player Policy

The intent of this policy is to set expectations regarding the reporting of injuries and the return to active play within our organization following an injury. The expectation is to have open communication between parents and team coach regarding any injuries before any practice, game or skills session immediately following the injury.

Injuries, which require a Doctor's release before a player can resume practices or participate in games, are as follows:

1. Player was wearing a brace or cast removed.
2. Player was wearing bandages or had stitches or staples removed.
3. Player was removed from practice or game by ambulance.
4. Player was attended to by a paramedic during practice or a game.
5. Player was ill and missed at least 2 weeks of practice or games.
6. Player had broken bones.
7. Player was hospitalized.
8. Player suffered a head injury of any nature.

The parents or guardians of all players are required to provide written verification from a medical doctor stating they are cleared/released to resume play. The written verification is to be presented to the team coach. Parents permission to resume playing for any of the aforementioned injuries is not adequate.


The health and well being of the children must come first.

PLEASE NOTE: Any player that shows any sign of headache, nausea or shows evidence of limping, or has any signs of illness, may not practice or play in any games.