To create options for New Canaan youth residents to play soccer at their level of ability and to help them further develop their soccer abilities.

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Parent Team Jobs for Academy Teams


Team Manager: This is the most important role on the team, which can be shared by season, but it recommended that each team have one point person per season.

Responsibilities include:

  • Schedule the season game calendar through CJSA website or for 3/4 Academy direct receipt of information
  • Organize/load practice schedule into New Canaan FC website with safety monitor schedule & “oranges/ice” schedule for each game at start of season.
  • Organize the game calendar each week prior to game day which includes communicating with the team manager/coach from the other towns to confirm details
  • Confirm each week with the Town of New Canaan field coordinator that fields are confirmed and refs are scheduled
  • Confirm each week that the Team Coach can be present for games (no other conflicts)
  • Provide communication of game details including time, location and directions to the team each week
  • Provide all communication of other information that is relevant to the team
  • Act as a liaison to the coach and the Age Group Coordinator regarding any issues
  • Complete CJSA background check & CJSA disclosure form at the beginning of each Fall season


Sideline Assistant/Treasurer: This is an important role on game day as this parent will be present on the other side of the field with the players, but will not coach or instruct the children in any way. We ask for two volunteers, but only one can be present with the coach at each game.

Responsibilities include:

  • Track the playing time for the professional UK Elite coach
  • Help to manage the players on the sidelines during games
  • Provide coaching at warm-up sessions when UKE coach is scheduled to arrive late
  • Each sideline assistant will be listed on the CJSA player roster and should be available for both the Fall & Spring seasons
  • Manage all Treasurer responsibilities including payment of all fees to refs for home games, Secure signature from referees before the start of the game to ensure proper tax records for the New Canaan FC & submit payments for tournament play and requests for reimbursement (submit all expenses for referee fees and tournaments twice per season)
  • Complete CJSA background check & CJSA disclosure form at the beginning of each Fall season


Team Social Coordinator: Making sure that the team has an end-of-season party and collecting for the coaches & team managers gift

Responsibilities Include:

  • Collect funds from the team parents to host the party
  • Organize the location of the party and communicate all details
  • Organize and inspire the team to attend local soccer events like the Red Bulls games or USAA games in coordination the New Canaan FC Board Special Events Coordinator


Practice Monitor: The purpose of the Practice Monitor is to have another adult present, in addition to the coach, to assist the children at team practices. 

Responsibilities Include:

  • Ensure that all players/children are picked up from practice
  • Assist players with any minor injuries or illnesses that may arise during a practice session
  • Call emergency medical personnel and/or parents, if there is a serious injury or illness that appears to require medical attention
  • Take the younger children to the bathrooms to ensure that they are safe at Waveny Park or at Farm Road
  • Practice Monitors are not responsible for providing medical attention to players.  For that reason, parents of players who are at risk of needing medical attention during practice (e.g. severe allergies; asthma) should plan to be present at all practices.