To create options for New Canaan youth residents to play soccer at their level of ability and to help them further develop their soccer abilities.

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Dear K-2 Junior Rams Parents,
A special thank you to all our parent coaches for dedicating their time.  Your contributions and involvement are essential to the success of the K-2 program.
A few additional reminders:



  1. On game day, please check in at the NCSA/NOGA table to determine which field your team will play on.


  1. We ask all parent coaches to wear NCSA shirts on game day.  These shirts will be provided by NCSA and ASF free of charge.  We will be taking shirt sizes at the coaching clinic on Saturday, April 14.   Until the shirts arrive, please wear a red shirt on game day.


  1. Shin guards are mandatory.  Players will not be allowed to play without shin guards on game day or at practice.


  1. Parent coaches- please bring a roster with you on game day.  You can find your roster online once you ‘Log In’.


  1. All parent coaches must attend game day or notify me in advance if you are unable to attend.


  1. On game day, we ask parents to remain on the perimeter of the fields and avoid standing in between two fields in order to avoid congestion.


  1. We will be organizing a schedule for two Parent Safety Monitors to be stationed at each practice during the week.  The presence of the monitor allows the coaches to focus on teaching while the monitor can assist players with other issues such a bathroom breaks, untied shoe laces, locating their water bottles etc.  This is a vital role that will ensure the safety of the players and utilizes our coaches to the fullest.  Your time is greatly appreciated!  Stay tuned for the schedule.


  1. Our season will end June 15.

Mike Greene
k-2 AGC