To create options for New Canaan youth residents to play soccer at their level of ability and to help them further develop their soccer abilities.

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New Canaan FC Managers’ “Cheat Sheet”

Password and Logging in
To access your team page:
  • Click on Admin tab (at top right of page)
  • Enter your name and your regular password
To add/change a Game/Practice in your schedule
  • On left menu, under Scheduling, click New Game
  • Fill in the blanks and use the drop down menus for Date, Start and Finish times, Location, Category, Team, Opponent, and Note (e.g. "Safety: Jones”). Times are entered as “10:00a” or “2:30p”.
  • All New Canaan fields are listed under Location.
  • You should not need to add any Categories. If you want to, you probably want to create a General Event instead.
  • Send Notices: If any of the checkboxes are checked, a notification will immediately be sent to the selected members upon submission of the new/changed game.  (Checking Team Managers will send the email to the team manager/s.  Checking Team members and their parents will send it to the players & parents of the team.  Checking Officials will send it to the Coach/s, Manager/s and Sideline Assistants.) 
    The only time that I would think that you would actually want to check these boxes is if you have a late-breaking game change that you want to let your team know about.  For example, if there is a change to a location to a game for
    the upcoming weekend, you would check them and then not have to send out a separate email to the team.
    These checkboxes do not affect Reminders
    in any way.  If a member is supposed to receive reminders for games/practices, they will still receive those. 
  • Click Submit
 To add a Recurring Event (usually practices)
  • On left menu, under Scheduling, click Recurring Games
  • On the drop down menu, after Every, a number is required (use 1 if it happens every week). The format for dates is mm/dd/yyyy. The first day is the first occurrence of the recurring event, in the example, 08/31/2009, the first Monday of practice. The last Friday of practice will be the other date in the range. The rest of the drop down menu is pretty straight forward. (Under Category, click Practice).
  • The question marks in the blue circles  are very helpful if you forget format etc. 
  • If you have recurring practices on more than one week day, for example Tuesday and Thursday, you'll have to enter two recurring events, one for each day.
  • Click Submit.
To see your additions
  • Click on Teams tab (at top)
  • Use the drop down tabs to get: Season: season; League: U-XX; Team: XXXX.
  • Click Schedule on the menu

To edit or change games or practices

  • When you have the Schedule displayed, click the "box" icon (on the left) to edit and the red "X" to delete. In edit mode, you can add the Safety Monitor's name to each practice in the Note section.
Player roster and emailing team
If you click on Roster on the left menu, you will see the team's roster. If you are logged on as team manager, you will not be prompted for a password. Clicking on an individual player’s name will call up a player profile; and you can email an individual player.
You can email the entire team from this page.  
Master Schedule
After you have entered a schedule, your team’s information will appear on the Master Schedule. You can access the master schedule by clicking the Association tab (at top)
You can see the games ordered by Date and by Field. 
Updates to other team’s schedules
Note that the web site software allows you to make changes to any team’s schedules (to allow you to schedule games with other New Canaan teams). Please ensure that when you make updates to Schedules, especially when adding new games or practices, that you are on your team’s page.
Team Member Access
Your team members can access the team page
  • Use the drop down tabs to get Season: season; League: U-XX; Team: XXXX.
  • On the left menu, players and parents can click Schedule or Roster (using the Roster Password to access player info) or Calendar. Accessing the web page this way will allow your team to view the information on team page. They will not be able to make changes to the page.
Roster Updates
The information that is reflected on the roster is the information that was supplied by the parent at registration. Parents who wish to make changes to their member file can do so by going to the website,
  • Click on Edit My Account (on left menu)
  • scroll down the page and
  • enter Email Address and Member Password
  • if you don’t remember the password, just enter your email address and the password will be emailed to you
  • If the email address needs to be changed, email the Web Coordinator
  • click on the member name that needs to be changed
  • make changes as needed, and click Submit
If you have questions, please contact your Age Group Coordinator, who can be found on the NCSA Board page.